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For those as out of the loop as I was...

The Rum Diary is officially filming.

My mother showed me a photo of Johnny Depp on set in her People Magazine, checked IMDB, and sure enough. It only took em a couple of decades...

IMDB is here with the apparently official cast list. As a fangirl, I'm a bit tickled to see Aaron Eckhart on the list.

Thoughts, opinions?
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Depp and Nick Nolte are the executive producers, so I have a whole lot of faith in the project. I doubt we have much of anything to worry about.
Rum Dairy is my favorite of Hunter's books, so I'm hoping they do it right. I like Depp, so maybe it will work out.
About time. :) I've never heard of this director/writer, nor any of the movies that he made. Anybody know if he's any good?