Stevie Z (sonofabish) wrote in hstfans,
Stevie Z

More Hunter

The lower lobby was empty, except for the night watchman- a meaty black gentleman whose main duty was keeping people like me out of the pool at night, but we had long ago come to a friendly understanding on the subject. It was against the rules to swim when the pool was closed, but there was no rule to prevent a Doctor of Divinity from going there to meditate on the end of the diving board.

"Mornin', Doc," said the watchman. "Up a little early, ain't you? Especially on a nasty day like this."

"Nasty?" I replied. "What are you- some kind of god-damned Uncle Tom Republican? Don't you know who's leaving town today?"

He looked puzzled for a moment, then his face cracked into a grin. "You're right, by god! I almost forgot. We finally got rid of that man, didn't we, Doc?" He nodded happily. "Yes sir, we finally got rid of him."

I reached into my bag and opened two Bass Ales. "This is a time for celebration."

Hunter wrote that on the resignation of Nixon. But tonight, the spirit of the article resonates, not so much for the train that will be leaving the station, but rather, for the one that is pulling in behind it.

Better days are ahead. Let the good times roll.

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